Legendary Knives for Legendary Lives

We all have a story to tell that’s told through our passions and pursuits. And it’s the tools we use in the kitchen that make our recipes and the stories around them possible. That's why at Williams, we make tools that are carefully designed and crafted to perform as great as they look, so that they last for generations, just like your recipes.


Big Chef

Our Big Chef knife is a must-have item in any kitchen, whether it's for professional chefs or home cooks alike. The knife is one of the most versatile pieces of cutlery in our culinary line.

The Petty Knife

The Petty Knife is going to quickly establish itself as the most useful tool in your kitchen. Its versatile design allows it to easily peel, slice and trim small fruits and vegetables, yet it retains the strength to bone meats and rock and chop with ease.

Hardwood Cutting Boards

Crafted from premium Acacia Wood, this double-sided board is not only safe to use on all surfaces but also features convenient finger grooves on each side, making it a breeze to carry your culinary creations. With its superior knife blade protection and easy maintenance (just hand wash and dry), this cutting board is ready to elevate your cooking game.

Knife Stand

Crafted from the finest Acacia Wood, known for its food-safe properties, this stand not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures the utmost safety for your knives. With rare earth magnets cleverly embedded in the board, it can securely hold up to six regular-sized kitchen knives, keeping them within reach yet unseen.